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Also known as Samsung Galaxy Note 4G, Samsung SGH-I717, Samsung Galaxy Note LTE released in January of 2012.

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Cracked Screen Replacement Question

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note and I cracked the screen. To replace the screen, I ordered a screen replacement but when I went to the ifixit store, they said I also need a LCD Screen. What is the difference between the screen I got and the LCD screen.

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Did you buy just the glass or the full screen assembly ..

If just the glass then this is a very very difficult repair you would have to have experiance in what you are doing the full assembly is really expensive but much easier to fit

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dishayush12, you did not give us enough information to tell you that. It sounds like you either only have glass/digitizer or only the LCD. I suggest that you return whatever you purchased and get a complete assembly. Yes, it is more expensive, but you will have the benefit of a better fit and ease of assembly. By using this guide, you can do the repair yourself. Hope this helps, good luck.

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The top glass is what you touch.

The digitizer is under the glass and is responsible for the touch function.

The LCD is under that and is the screen that you see.

All three are factory-fused together into one assembly. I just replaced one a few days ago. All you're doing is taking the damaged assembly off, moving the internal parts to the new assembly and reassembling.

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