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Modell A1136 mit 30, 60, oder 80 GB Festplatte / Front aus schwarzem oder weißem Kunststoff.

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new battery seems to not work

30gb, model A1136

so, my ipod hasn't been holding a proper charge for a while, and being a few years old, i decided to just replace the battery.

new battery came today. i replaced it, plugged it in, won't turn on at all now. i've checked the cable connections three times, held menu + center button for a minute just to be sure, nothing. won't turn on, no hard drive noises, nothing.

i tested the integrity of the connections by reinstalling the old battery, and it turned on when plugged in.

what to be done? did i get the wrong battery? ( iPod Video 30 GB Battery this one) it is defective?

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Looks to be a DOA. You should return it for a replacement. Contact ifixit directly and state your issue i'm sure they will send you a new one out asap.

Good job on troubleshooting potential issues yourself!

Whenever doing a replacement with any apple device be sure to do a restore prior to using it to eliminate any possible software issues. I would do this once you get the new battery in.

Hope this helped!


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how do you restore properly? all the apple website says is to *toggle the hold switch, and then hold the center+menu button*. which doesn't seem to really reset anything, it's just a hard boot up.


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My friend Varsityanchor 307 is right. If the I-pod came on when you switch and put the old battery back in and pluged it into the wall useing a charger, then the new battery is no good.

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hey i am having a problem like that also mine was workin fine i let the battery die and couldnt charge it back on any pc charger but house and car charger shows its chargin I bought a new battery and they both do the same thing they both show its charging on the car and house charger but still getting nothin from the iPod it will not come on or reset it doesnt even show the apple sign what is wrong is there anything other than the logic board that could cause it to act like that??If yuou or anyone else knows what to do could you email me or find the questions i have asked and respond to them they are under Danny and the question says my 5th gen iPod will not come on thank you

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