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Is there a way to dry out my display?

My Nexus 4 stopped working after a lot of rain water entered the phone while I was riding my bike. I guess it was in contact with water for about half an hour max. After I got home, the LED notification light was working fine but the screen wont turn on. As I didn't have the tools to disassemble the phone, I let it dry overnight in the rice bowl. The next morning, the screen flickered on once, but then went dead. I took it to the LG service center and they told me that the motherboard needed to be replaced and would cost me about 12.5K rupees (approx.$200).

So, I took the dead phone to a local repair center and the technician there said that one of the IC's had fried and he could try replacing it. Luckily, only the power IC had fried and after replacing it with a new one, my Nexus 4 came back to life, with all the data in its place. It cost me just 3000 rupees (approx. $50) for this.

The only issue that I'm having now is that there's still some water left in the display. The technician said that I might dry away within a couple of days. Funnily, the middle section of the screen isn't responding to any touch. I'm unable to make the notifications go away by tapping "Ok" or "Cancel". I'm unable to even switch off my phone this way. Also, the widget window keeps popping up if I leave the screen unlocked.

Is replacing the display the only solution to get this fixed? Please help.

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If only part of the touch screen not working - the only solution is replacing.


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I came across a few videos on YouTube with similar issue. Apparently changing the digitizer helped these guys. Any recommendation about replacing the digitizer?


I got the screen replaced today morning and it's working like brand new again. Thanks for the suggestion! Cheers!


I am facing the same problem with nexus 4 ,the middle area is not responding can you plz tell what was the cost of your repair and from where did you do it ?


Hey Rutesh. I'd inquired about the screen replacement cost in Mumbai and the guys at LG said it would cost me 5271 rupees and would take them 3-4 days to procure the screen and change it. As I had to return to Bangalore and didn't have that much time, I got it replaced here in Bangalore where it cost me 4750 rupees. Apparently, the cost was 500 rupees lesser here in Bangalore than Mumbai.

You can call up at your local LG service center and inquire about the charges there. It may vary depending on the city you are currently located in. By the way, a heads up, go to a LG Direct Service Center as they usually have parts in stock. My phone's screen changing took less than an hour. Another LG service center told me that I'd had to leave my phone for 4-5 days since they didn't have the screen in stock.

You can look for a service center near you by going here: http://www.lgmobiles.com/

Best of luck!


Hey Thank you Arun :D , 5250 is in my budget range i was gonna leave it as it is thinking service center will cost alot more as it is a sceen + lcd replacement ,I live in Mumbai so thank you again for the heads up :D ,Have a good day


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