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Guides and repair information for 49cc gas-powered scooters.

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having trouble accelerating at complete stop

Hello, I own a Roketa mc-31-50 and this is my first scooter.

The scooter struggles to accelerate after taking off at a complete stop. If I crank the throttle all the way, It will hit 5mph, feels as if its struggling and then shuts off. When I take off from a complete stop, I have to slightly crank the throttle, let go and repeat until I hit about 10mph. Is this normal?

My scooter gives off this burning plastic or rubber smell. I don't see anything rubbing against each other. I notice this after I park the scooter. Is this also normal? The scooter is 4 days old now.

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Jonathan, if it is only 4 days old, have the place where you bought it from either checked out or return it. This could be a carburetor/fuel supply issue.

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