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Dritte iPad Generation mit Wi-Fi, Modellnummer A1416, erhältlich seit dem 16. März 2012. Die Reparatur erfordert Hitzezufuhr und vorsichtiges Hebeln.

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Darkness on left side of LCD screen

I have just replaced the digitiser on an ipad 3rd generation.

The unit had been dropped and when I removed the cracked glass there were two of the zif connectors locking bars loose in the case.

I replaced the glass put everything back and turned the unit on, it works fine except there is a dark band down the left side of the screen, when i rotate the unit the dark band is evident.

Is this because the LCD zif socket locking bar is broken and how could this be repaired, if possible?

Thanks in advance

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Here's the deal-- when the lcd connector is loose, the lcd flex can easily slide out. On any I device, pulling the led flex while the led is on will cause a transient current spike that can burn the backlight filter. I this iPad there are two backlight circuits one for each side of the screen. Yours has a blown backlight filter in one line. This is a straightforward board-level repair--possibly DIY with excellent soldering skills. You should also have the lcdconnector replaced to prevent this from happening again--that is also a straightforward board level repair but not DIY.


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One of a few things has happened. You either need a new LCD cable, new LCD or the board has sustained some sort of damage. Look for bent or broken pins on the connectors. Other possibilities is something being shorted out. Did you use anything metal to lift the leavers?

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Thanks for you reply>

I only ever used plastic spudgers. On the initial look the LCD zif lock was broken and as I have not removed the logic board not sure where the second zip lock bracket would have come from, certainly not the top of the logic board. To note the second floating lock bar is the same length as the LCD zip lock bar


Hey, I used a metal spudger to lift the zif bars on mine and now I have the right side of the screen showing dimmer than the other half. Could you tell me what can be done about this?


See my answer below --send out for backlight filter replacement.


My iPad also is dimmer on the right, after replacing the screen / digitizer and WiFi antenna. At first, the LCD did not come on at all. Turned out that a Hard Reset was needed to wake it up. But then the right side was dim. tried reseting the cable, no change. Ya know what? I think Ill live with it.


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This is going to sound really dumb...but have you tried soft resetting the device? We had an iPad 4 that was dim on the right side, technician turned it off entirely during the repair, tried a new LCD, multitude of things, all to no effect. I tried reseating it (didn't work) then soft reset the device by holding power and home instead of shutting the thing off entirely. Booted back up, and the backlight's been fine since.

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