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Das HTC One Mini 2 wurde im Mai 2014 in Europa, dem Nahen Osten und Asien veröffentlicht. Das HTC One Mini 2, Modellnummer M8MINx, verfügt über eine einzige Rückfahrkamera und 16 GB Speicher. Das HTC One Mini 2 ist ähnlich wie das HTC One M8 aber kleiner und weniger teuer.

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Where can I buy a LCD for the HTC ONE Mini 2?

I broke the screen of my HTC ONE Mini 2. I've been looking everywhere for that specific part and I can't find anywhere. If you have an idea or a place where I can buy or order it online would be appreciate it.

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Hi there,

Due to the recent release date of the HTC One Mini 2 I too was unable to find specifically the LCD replacement panel, however I was able to find a few parts that may be of interest.

If you didn't actually break the LCD panel, but just the front glass panel (called the digitizer) and can see the screen through cracks, then I found a replacement part.

Otherwise I was able to find a supplier in the United Kingdom on Ebay that sells a variety of parts for the phone. The parts may not always be available, but are as of today (26 Oct 2014). As time goes on, more replacement parts will become available and you should be able to easily search for them.

Store Page: http://goo.gl/lygAXU

Specific Parts,

Digitizer (Front Glass): http://goo.gl/dHr0rf (From China)

White LCD Panel Frame: https://goo.gl/pxV6ke

Black LCD Panel Frame: https://goo.gl/BFWOfM

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Hi dear Caleb

I just wanted to ask if I can only change my front glass with a new one while my lcd panel and its touch work properly?

and would u leave me ur email?

my email:vfa1985@gmail.com



Hi there, looking online these days it appears that you can now purchase the front glass digitizer and the LCD separately. So while we did not try to replace the glass on ours, it should be possible to do. It may prove to be tricky but with the right tools and enough time you may be able to separate the glass from the plastic bezel without breaking the frame. As a last note to clarify, the front glass is the touch sensitive part of the phone. It is the front glass itself (called a digitizer) that provides the touch capability and has a ribbon cable that connects to the main board.


Hi again dear Caleb

Would you tell me which seller provides me with original HTC one mini 2 LCD touch digitizer?


I mean on the internet.I m living in Iran and I have no access to real ones here while there are so many fake ones.so you r answer can real help to find a real good product provider via internet.

Warm Regards


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Screen for Htc m8 mini in Pakistan Avlibale

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Hi there,

It looks like they are commonly available on ebay.com these days.

Here's a link to one from Hong Kong: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Black-Touch-Scre...

Just search for one online to see if they are any available closer to you.

Good luck,

Caleb Kelsay

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