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Reparaturanleitungen für Panasonic Kameras

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My Lumix DMC LX3 screen went black, can I fix it?

Hi iFixit folks. This is my first post... I have a Lumix DMC-LX3 digital camera (I don't think there's a repair guide for it on here). I bought it in the UK, but live in the Netherlands now. It's six years old or thereabouts, but I don't want to throw it out just yet.

All of a sudden, on holiday on the beautifully-named Dutch island of Schiermonnikoog in August, the camera's digital screen refused to turn on when I turned the camera on. It stays completely black. The camera still works, zooms in and out and takes photos, although as the screen stays off, the photos are a mix of guesswork and surprise when you get them off the SD card.

Can I repair it? Are there resources out there that can help me...? I am a novice at repairing things, although I once wired an electric lightbulb and only *nearly* electrocuted myself.

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What a coincidence, the same problem, and am from the same country.

I contacted Panasonic and they recommended me to contact a company that repairs cameras. But only the LCD display would cost me 123 Euros. I am in doubt if I should buy a cheap copy LCD display online and try to fix it myself, or just buy an other camera. I really love my Lumix.


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"if" you can find the part it is relatively easy, just pop the rear cover screws out, pop cover off and bam connection for rear LCD right there, take it off and out. Slide new one in put screws back in and done.

I would call panasonic to see if they will sell you the part.

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