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Released in 2008, part of the Air Warrior line of Buzz Bee foam dart guns. Features include a large ammo capacity and an automatic firing mode. Repair in most cases is easy, requiring only simple tools.

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How do I stop darts from getting stuck and jamming the gun?

I've noticed that when I fire and use my dart gun for extended periods of time darts have a tendency to get stuck near the tip of the gun rather than firing out normally. Is this due to a defect in how the gun was built or some other issue?

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If your darts get stuck, it might be your gun or the darts themselves. Sometimes after being fired many times and successfully hitting many targets, the darts will get bent or weakened, this will jam the gun and they might get stuck. Check out the Troubleshooting Page for more help!

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It is actually due to not pulling the trigger hard enough. When you pull the trigger it pushes the bullet into the powered barrel so if you half pulpit it gets jammed between the ammo clip and the barrel!


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