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Model Number: ADR8995VW. A Verizon carrier phone released September 2011, TFT capacitive 4.0 inch touchscreen: 480 x 800 pixels, 5 Megapixel rear camera and VGA front facing camera, and Android’s 2.3 Gingerbread OS. It also has 3.0 Bluetooth capability and a 1500mAh Li–Ion battery- Verizon Pantech Breakout page.

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Why is my phone having trouble charging?

I plug my phone into its charger and then into the wall, but sometimes it will not charge properly. Does my battery need to be replaced?

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It may be a bad connection, bad outlet, bad charger, or bad battery. Refer to the Pantech Breakout Troubleshooting page.

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Thank you that was helpful!


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