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The Dell Latitude E6500 laptop PC was released in August 2008. The Latitude has a 15.4 in with a 500 GB hard drive

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How do you fix a few unresponsive keys on keyboard?

A few keys on the keyboard are unresponsive. Press the "P" and nothing happens. Press the "I" all is well. Hmm...

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Hi Sean, try dismantling the keyboard, there is a lvds cable which is connected to the mainboard. Disconnect it and clean up your keyboard.

Also use an eraser to rub on the LVDS cable connector of the keyboard.

If all fails, consider getting a replacement keyboard module from ebay.

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Dirt or debris may have gotten under individual keys, which makes them not make good contact. Individual keys can be carefully pried up and then cleaned manually or with a can of compressed air. This usually solves the problem for me.

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