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Model M7886 / 450 MHz or 500 MHz PowerPC 7400/7410 (G4) Processor

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How to open, inspect, and repair G4 cube power supply

I have a G4 cube I want to make into an air server but the power supply died. I think it's a blown capacitor. I need to know how to get in to the power supply to inspect this and repair it if it is a blown capacitor.

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oldturkey03 often has resources for things like this. . . maybe you'll hear from him.


That "old turkey" never replied. I guess someone had him for Thanksgiving. So how do we open the power supply?


to catch the attention of someone on the forum use the @ to call them so for OT you use @oldturkey03 and when he receives the notification he will help if he can oldturkey03 will probably have a manual on this . He has manuals for everything If he cant help then @mayer or @danj may be helpful as they know most everything there is to know about macs


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Well the power supply is external.

Power Mac G4 Cube Power Adapter 205W 450-500MHz M5849

Manufacturer Part Number : 661-2455

Here's one: http://www.macpalace.com/661-2455-power-...

But here's the tear down to get intuit and poke around.

PowerMac G4 Cube Ausbau des äußeren Gehäuses


Here's a description of the repair:


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Thanks for the quick response @mayer


I am aware they are still sold online. And I had visited that unrelated "Disassembling Power Mac G4 Cube Outer Case" link before (unrelated because it is not a teardown of the external 205W power supply brick, which is the heart of the matter). We need a step-by-step for the opening of that 205W power brick, not the Cube itself. Opening the Cube is easy. Opening the power brick is not. And let's face it, the power brick has electrolytic capacitors inside. Even if you buy another brick online, the caps are originals made 16 some odd years ago. Eventually, they will need replacing. It's the same for many old Macs (SE/30 motherboards, etc.). When caps leak, they need to be replaced and the PCB cleaned. That job is rather straightforward, but finding out how to properly open up something is not, hence the original question. Thanks.


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I just tore one of these supplies down .. mine had its case cracked when I bought it (broken), but it's very possible to open one of these up with minimal damage; I've made a guide too, check it out: Mac Cube G4 205W Power Supply Disassembly

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