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Released June 2011, identified by model number MB870

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How should I remove a stripped screw?

When opening up my device while following one of your repair guides, one of the screws inside the device became stripped. How could I safely remove that screw from my phone to continue with the repair process?

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There is a guide on ifixit found here

During the initial breakdown, we also stripped several screws.We found that using elastics was ineffective as the driver heads were small enough to just puncture the elastic. We found that using a rotary tool to create a slit for a flat head screw driver worked best. However this is a little risky and should only be done as a last resort.

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Depending on the location of the screw, you may be able to grind the screw head completely off. Then once the part you are removing is completely out, you should have enough of a screw protrusion to be able to grip it with small pliers and turn it until it comes out. Again, this is quite advanced so you would have to be comfortable with working with a Dremel tool.

You can also get kits at home depot for removing stripped screws. There are ones that come with putty that you can apply to the screw head and then when it starts to harden you can push your screw driver into it to create an imprint. Once it dries the screw should come out reasonably easily.

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