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Das vierte Google Nexus Smartohone, erschienen am 13. November 2012.

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Red Light of death blinking after battery and motherboard replace?

It all began with my broken screen. I sent the device to my assurance and got it back after a few days. I got the same device with a new screen. Everything seemed to be fine but suddenly my phone started to turn of with a battery capacity of 95%. This happend every 1 to 3 minutes. There is no possibility to send it back. I tried to recalibrate the battery while the nexus was turned on, but that also didn't work. Now it only turns on, if I press the power button while plugging in the cable. Then the Google Logo appears and it turns off again after 4-5 seconds. If I don't press the power button while plugging in, the red notification light turns on and starts to blink in irregular intervals. If I try to access fastboot mode the device turns also off again after round about 5 seconds. There's no chance to "power-off" the phone manually. After all of that that didn't work I ordered a new battery. I opened the case on replaced it. Nothing changed. Now I ordered a secondhand mainboard on ebay. I replaced it with the iFixit manual, but the lamp is still blinking when I try to turn the nexus on. (Like before it only turns on for some seconds if I plug the cable in while pressing the power button.) My last idea was the USB Flex, I ordered one yesterday. Do you have any other ideas how to repair my device?

Thanks a lot!

Nico from germany.

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Did you ever get your phone to work? I ordered a new screen and digitizer and then experienced this problem. I was considering ordering a new battery, but it sounds like you tried that and it didn't work. I probably shouldn't waste any more money trying to fix this phone. I really liked it, though. Bummer.

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I can tell exactly the same story as you. I replaced the screen, battery started to get weaker and replaced the battery. You have probably hit your battery while replacing the screen like I did. Right now the red led is blinking when charging but the phone won't boot even though I have replaced the battery.

Did you ever fix your problem?


Greetings from Belgium

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I had left my battery uncharged for close to a year, so I ordered a new battery and replaced it, and it worked. If you have the red light of death, first make sure that your battery is properly connected, then, let it charge overnight. If it still won't turn on or hold a charge, replace the battery.

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