Das Samsung Galaxy S3 ist ein Smartphone mit Multitouch- und Drahtlosladefunktion, ist Eyetracking-fähig und hat einen vergrößerten Speicher.

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Help! prep for motherboard/logicboard replace

I need to replace the motherboard/logicboard on a galaxy SIII but I want to make sure the prep before and after replacement allows me to return as much data as possible onto the new board. Before repair,i want to be able to backup the whole phone, OS, apps, pics, music, etc., and return the phone to the customer like new with minimal data loss.Can anyone suggest a good program or software that will help make this as painless as possible? I don't want to root the phone or anything that can compromise normal operation, but I'm open to any suggestions right now. What about after? Does the new board require reconnection and assistance from the carrier since there's a new imei #? Please HELP.

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I just replaced my motherboard recently and the only thing I did was back up my contacts on Google and I saved all my pics to my memory card. I did download my pics to my laptop just to be safe. But all worked out well except the motherboard I bought off of Ebay quit working on day 15. I ended up putting my old one back in. The only reason I replaced was b/c my camera quit working.

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