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An audio storage device that uses magnetic tape to record and play back audio input.

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Sony M-550v Microcassette-Corder doesnt record or play sound

the mini cassette recorder hasnt been used many years, but kept well. The mini tape still runs smooth, indicating light on when play, but VOR doesnt record or play sound, how to fix?

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I have the exact same problem with mine. Does anyone have a good suggestion?


I Have microcassette But No sound I Turn The Volume Up & I Put A Mini Cassette in That Have

Record On In ! But No



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Hi @Ktye Covff,

Do you get audio when using headphones connected to the device?

Here’s the service manual for the recorder. Be patient when trying to download the file, as it takes a little while to go from processing to download, after you have passed the security check and clicked on Go to Download, below the document preview box.

It has full schematics (see p.7-8 of the manual) and a parts list which should help in finding and fixing the problem

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I have the exact same problem. I took the time to look inside the device and apparently the plastic motor ring that delivers the rotation from motor to the casette playing bits is melted/broken. I cleaned the plastic remainings of the ring. now i need to find a replacement.

I’ll update if can go any further.

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