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Replacing Bottom Zipper Box?

Is there anyway of repairing or replacing the bottom box of the plastic coil zipper of my Patagonia Nano Puff jacket? Can I do it or do I need to send it back for repairs?

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Hey David,

You can't repair the bottom box of the zipper. You will need to replace the whole zipper.

You can follow the steps in the following guide to replace the zipper. The process will be slightly different due to the layers of the jacket. It should be easier than these steps, because there won't be any loose feathers.

Den Hauptreißverschluss an einer Patagonia®-Daunenjacke ersetzen

If you are stuck of need further help, you can contact Patagonia customer service.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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Actually you can if you're patient and careful. I bought a kit with stops and retainers on Amazon and was able to install the retainers on a coil zipper. First challenge was determining the size. #5 is a common size. My jacket already has a #5 zipper for the existing liner. I wanted to use a different liner. I already had bulk zipper the right size and sliders. I needed retainers (often called a bottom box) for the new zipper. The zippers on both sides of the jacket already have pins. I snipped several coils off the bulk zipper to make room for the part of the retainer that slides up the zipper. Since the zipper is all nylon, I was able to very carefully heat the remaining thread and squeeze it down to fit inside the retainer. Then slid the retainer on and added super glue. Once dried I filed down the "pin" part of the retainer to fit in the slider. Took a little work to get it all to line up right so the pin from the existing zipper would fit. In the end it appears to work out well, if a little stiff.


You do not need to buy a new zipper; the bottom 'stops' can be replaced. As mentioned above, you need to be patient, but it can be done and is not too hard at all.


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You can look on aliexpress or one of the other sites that have zipper insert pins and boxes.   They are very inexpensive and if you can carefully take it off the current zipper, withouit fraying the fabric etc., then you can put a new zipper box on with a plyer.   If it frays would suggest after you receive your zipper boxes and pins, then  reincforcing it by bonding a lightweight nylon material with some sort of adhesive like superglue and then using a sewing machine to add a few stitches for strength.  You may even want to put s little bit of sugru, epoxy or something on the fabric bottom of the zipper to stop any further fraying as well as to bound all layers together.

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explanation was very concise and helpfull . waiting for my order for box zipper stops at this moment to repair two of my wifes down coats. thank you for explanation.

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