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The Skullcandy Air Raid is a wireless portable Bluetooth speaker released November 15th, 2013 which streams music from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

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Why wont my device charge?

I have checked my wall outlet and it works perfectly fine with charging other plug-in devices, it just seems to be a problem with my Air Raid. What should I do?

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If the outlet is working and your device is still not charging, you may have a bad USB port. If your device only charges when the plug is held at a certain angle, will not plug in all the way, or has visibly bent/broken pieces inside the charging port, you should replace the USB port. If you have left the Air Raid charging for a long time, but the battery dies quickly after unplugging it, you may need to replace the battery.

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You should try going to Skullcandy Air Raid Troubleshooting for more troubleshooting help


Where do i purchase a new battery?


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@Sasha Nevin, SAME!! IDK what to do about it, but it is really annoying. I've had to use earphones (the ones u stick in ur ear) and was trying to get away from those, however it just won't charge! I also tried charging it through my computer, therefore it still didn't charge

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