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Modelle A1237 oder A1304 / 1,6, 1,8, 1,86, oder 2,13 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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Backlight works, but no image


While I repair this MBA 2009, checking devices, suddenly funny beep sound beeping, then display gone black.

That moment, I thought just gone black screen, so I rebooted but display not shows screen. Backlight works fine and boot up OK. Even fn+f1 or fn+f2 could dimming the backlight. Only not image.

Also I tried external display, but that's not work either. No signal.

In this case, what should I check and what could be wrong? By the way, there's no sign of either visual-physical damage or funny smell.

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MCP is dead, toss this in the trash. This is not an easy chip to replace even for those skilled with BGA rework, and you will NEVER EVER EVER find this new, they are all gone.

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Ouch! Thats not good ;-{

I suspect you lost your GPU. Have you tried an external monitor to double check things. If it too won't display an image its time for a new logic board.

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