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Nokero Window Solar Flashlight model number N400. White plastic, solar panel, suction cup and 3 LED Lights. Also known as Antero Window Solar Flashlight.

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Why is the battery in the flashlight not charging?

I place the flashlight on the window with sun and then whenever I try and use the flashlight, it only stays bright for a few minutes, then the battery dies.

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Check for corrosion on the battery contacts. If corrosion is on the battery contacts and preventing the battery from supplying power to your device, you need to clean the corrosion off. You can do this by applying a small dab of vinegar on an old toothbrush and gently rub the contact until the corrosion is removed. If this does not solve your problem check out Nokero N400 Troubleshooting

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The rechargeable elements of solar flashlights do wear out. In some cases there are chemicals that can dry out over time . In others the type of charging cycles they have been through, or the sheer number, can break them down. If you like to tinker you might be able to find replacements for the batteries, or swap them for a holder that can house regular batteries.

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