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The Moultrie I45 GameSpy identified by model number MFH-DGS-I45S, is a wildlife camera that captures stills and videos on a memory card of up to 16 GB. The camera works in both daylight and darkness.

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How much memory can the camera have?

  • With the internal and Memory Card memory combined, what is the maximum amount of memory on this camera?
  • How many quality photos can be stored with this much memory?
  • How many hours of quality video can be stored with this much memory?
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The device can have a maximum combined memory of 16.128GB. 16GB provided by an external memory card and 128MB from the devices internal memory. This amount of memory can store 28,810 medium-quality pictures or 280 hours of high-quality video.

Refer to the repair guide regarding memory Card issues, Moultrie I45 GameSpy Troubleshooting

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