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The HP Chromebook 14 is a variant of the Google Chromebook line released September 11, 2013. Model number is 14-Q010DX.

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Why is my Chromebook getting hot and making noise?

From one day to the next, it began to make a lot of noise and started getting really hot after a little while of using it. What should I do?

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same thing is happening to me but this is a schools chromebook and it sounds like a horror movie noise


Im having the popping sound too.


I have an chrome school computer andit wont stop making this air noise like its blowing air but my computer is warm but every time i close my chromebook it stops making noise then when i turn it on it makes the same noise over and over again.


i mean and it


same and i think that mine has a bug in it


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More than likely your issue is the fan. Over time fans can become dysfunctional due to dust buildup. You should follow the fan guide listed on this site at HP Chromebook 14-Q010DX Fan Replacement to remove the fan and clean it. If this doesn't fix your problem you should consider replacing your fan with a new one.

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Chromebooks do not have fans.


Mine sure does. It makes a loud whirring sound. It used to not turn on that frequently as the power usage and heat of a Linux operating system is pretty low. However, it is now loud and constant. I'm considering opening it up and cleaning up the fan/accumulated dust hoping that will cool the unit and allow the fan to again be off most of the time.


Also keep the Chromebook elevated to help with air circulation sometimes using mobile devices on flat surfaces and on your bed decreases this...Also the various manufactures have cooling pads to assist with cooling. Try not to use when charging. If you continue to experience heating issues clean the vents and fan.


I'm using my school computer and I have it plugged in and i'm doing my homework and it sounds like it's making a blowing sound and a connecting like sound.


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This could happen for A number of reasons. The 2 most common are “no air flow” on the bottom when in use. Make sure when you use your Chromebook, you have good “air flow” under it, on a hard flat surface is the best. Don't keep it sitting on A pillow, mattress, blankets, ect. this blocks the air flow under the Chromebook. The 2nd reason, A bad fan. All Chromebooks don't have fans, but for the books that do, fans get full of dust, loose exc. over time. Also checking the bottom of the Chromebook making sure the wholes are not full of dust is a good start.

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