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American Edition released in 2013, identified by model number X502CA

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Why is my laptop overheating?

When using my laptop for long periods of time, it begins to overheat. When it does this, it operates at a slower pace.

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It is most likely the cpu fan that is blocked or no longer working. This fan is used to remove excess heat from the computer and if blocked can cause the computer to heat up and shut down. I would start by reviewing the troubleshooting page and the repair guide for the CPU fan. If the fan is clogged with dust just follow the guide to remove the fan and blow the dust out. If the fan is not working anymore then a replacement fan will be needed. The steps to replace are outlined in the fan repair guide.

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if you can get to an air compressor that HAS a water collector on the compressed air side it is possible to blow air backwards through the heat exhaust port (where the hot air usually comes out) as this can 7 out of ten times dislodge dirt and dust bunnies that collect on the cooling fins that we can't see without dissasembly. Be CAREFUL to much pressure can make things worse.

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40 PSI Max using a compressor, But..If your laptop is getting that hot and shutting down because of overheating..Do what John said and open it up because sometimes there is so much dust in the fan assembly..That blowing it back will just get stuck in the fan and it will not turn at all or just get lodged in the laptop and clog again.


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