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Hier handelt es sich um ein großes Smartphone von LG, welches im Herbst 2014 veröffentlicht wurde. Das LG verfügt über ein Quad HD IPS-Display und eine 13-Megapixel-Kamera.

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How to fix my screen from randomly tapping?

I replaced my own lg g3 screen after it cracked and damaged the digitizer. I bought a screen and digitzer replacement combo and proceeded to replace it according to the guide. After a month of use, the screen began to randomly tap and behave erratically. I then narrowed it down to the following, when I press the lower part of the bezel, the part that says LG, the screen begins to randomly tap around the middle of the screen and doesnt stop until i lock it. When I unlock it, I can use the phone normally but as soon as I touch that lower part of the bezel everything goes nuts.

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Where did you buy these parts from, where they cheap or on sale. They may be damaged themselves. I advise looking on amazon for parts with good reviews. Also I would replace the digitzer first, to see if that was the problem

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I'm having the same issue and this is my 2nd LCD/digitizer I bought off of Amazon. The issue is the connection from the LCD and motherboard; which is located right underneath the LG logo.

In addition, after reading some other forums on this issue, there's some software issues when you install a non-LG LCD onto the phone.

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