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Released August 22, 2013. Identified by model number NP940X3G.

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Why won't my computer turn on?

My computer has been having issues with suddenly shutting down without warning, and my battery indicator in my Windows Taskbar has been stating for the past month that my battery is damaged. Today, when trying to turn on my computer, I found that it was completely unresponsive. Despite plugging my laptop into a power source, pressing the power button does not do anything. What do I do?

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That happened to me too! Turns out the battery was completely ruined. I replaced my laptop battery and that fixed the problem. Take a look at this troubleshoot page Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus Troubleshooting and also the repair guide Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus Battery Replacement

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if a computer goes off unexpectedly just remove the ram and replaces with a new one if u have two rams try them one by one this should solve the blackness,if this persists see a laptop repair

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