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The laptop will not respond or show any sign of powering up.

Check to make sure that the power adapter is plugged in. If so, make sure the indicator light on the adapter is on. If the adapter is plugged in and the indicator light still does not appear, the adapter may be defective. Consider buying a new power adapter.

If the laptop only powers up when the adapter is plugged in regardless of charging time, then the battery is faulty. The battery should be replaced. Use this guide to learn how to replace the battery.

When the laptop is on, the screen flickers continuously or occasionally.

If the screen is flickering, there may be a faulty battery connection. First, turn the laptop off. Remove the battery and place it back in. Then, turn the laptop back on. If the issue persists, consider replacing the battery.

­The screen resolution that the laptop is running may not be optimal. To check, right click on the desktop screen and select “screen resolution” if using the Windows OS. Then change the resolution in the drop down menu to the optimal resolution for the laptop, 3200 x 1800.

If the laptop's screen flickers, faulty or loose cables may be the cause. Before doing anything else, check to see whether the video and monitor power cables are screwed in tightly. If the problem persists, new cables may need to be purchased.

The sound quality coming from the speakers is either damaged and not working at its full potential, creating an inaudible sound, or there is no sound at all.

If the laptop's sound is not functioning properly, the problem may be caused by the sound card. Check to see if the problem persists for both internal/external speakers and headphones. If plugged in headphones are also experiencing sound quality issues similar to the speakers, then there is most likely a sound card issue. The sound card may not have the right drivers to work properly. To reinstall drivers, set Windows Update to automatically download and install recommended updates.

If the headphones' sound quality is not damaged, but the speakers are not functioning properly, you may need to replace the speakers. To learn how to remove and replace the laptop's speakers follow this guide.

The keys on the laptop's keyboard will not respond to pressing or are not there.

If the laptop does not respond to keys being pressed, there may be something beneath the laptop key inhibiting the action. To check and fix this, remove the key and clean underneath it. When the area underneath the keyboard is sufficiently cleaned, snap the key back on in its position. Here is a more detailed guide to remove and replace them.

If there are keys visibly damaged on the laptop's keyboard, use this guide to replace them, as they may be the cause of the laptop's unresponsiveness.

The laptop is responding slower than expected.

If your laptop is experiencing lag, the cause may be overheating. Check to see if the fan is pulling in a sufficient amount of air through its vents. If the laptop fan cannot be heard, then the fan ports may need to be cleaned. Simply, purchase a can of dust cleaner from the computer section at Walmart or Best Buy, and spray the fan ducts to remove any debris that may be in the ports. To learn how to remove the internal fans for further cleaning, follow this guide.

The laptop unexpectedly loses power.

If the laptop is experiencing power loss, the device may be overheated. Allow time for the laptop to cool down and then restart it. Alternatively, clean the fan ports if they seem obstructed.

The power loss may be due to a faulty power cord that does not charge the laptop effectively. Power cords for Samsung laptops are fairly inexpensive; therefore, the best option may be to purchase a new power cord to see if the problem is resolved.

If the laptop is experiencing power loss, the laptop's battery capacity may have declined. If the problem persists, then the battery is faulty. The battery should be replaced. Use this guide to learn how to replace the battery.

This laptop is only working without bluescreening with the battery removed. I’ve bought a new battery and it still dies no matter what. What can I do??

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