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Why does my iPod keeps asking to restore and then restarts again?

everytime i plug in my ipod it asks to restore, and after i click restore the apple shows up on the screen. then it starts up again and nothing is resloved.

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i searched a little bit and found something in a youtube comment by tonysimoni:

1) reboot you ipod(hold center and menu button at same time)

2)while rebooting (so when the apple logo is on) put your ipod into diskmode(hold center and play buttons)

3)plug in ipod, wait like a minute, and while STILL pluged in reboot AGAIN/WHILE STILL PLUGED IN

4)it should then reboot/ start up correctly /and then you should have no more probs. Restore Ipod if necessary in ITunes or whatever have ya.

here is the youtube link

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+ Ralph


it still doesn't work .. what should i do ..


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If you are not restoreing your ipod on the same computer that all of the music came from then restoring will not work for the IPOD what you need to do is when it asks do you want to resore you should say no and then choose other options which will correct the problem

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thats not correct, you can restore the ipod on any computer - only to write back a backup would be more work - but even that would be possible when you use the same settings and copy all the data to the other computer


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