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Why is my steam wand not working

last time I used my Sacco poemia espresso machine, which isn't that often, I turned the steam wand and there was absolutely nothing coming out of it. No water, or steam. Plenty of water in the reservoir, and the coffee head works fine, with the shot being good and hot. The machine and wand are always cleaned after use, so shouldn't be clogged or calcified.

Anyone with any suggestions?

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I Have exactly the same problem with my poemia steam system, a while ago started working again but it is again stuck somehow. I did try to turn off/on the current switch Just in case the Electronics need a "reset" but this is not working anyway. Some help would be appreciated.


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I have the same problem too,I bought a coffee maker from a coffee maker appliance store called best brand appliance about 2 years ago.I have not any problem until recently.When I checked online most of the articles stated that the problem could be due to a clogged wand but I clean my wand periodically and yet I am facing this issue.

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The guts of the Saeco Poemia and the Saeco Via Venezia (aka Saeco Estro Vapore, aka Starbucks Barista) espresso maker are identical. While I haven't found any maintenance suggestions for the Poemia, there are some YouTube vids and other online resources (Google) that can guide you through maintenance for the others and you can pretty much use the same procedures for your Poemia.

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PS, parts, such as seals, gaskets, etc. you might want to check at Seattle Coffee Gear.


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You might want to take a look at the steam valve for a clog.

Block Image

There is a parts diagram in the service manual; refer to table 2.


Once you’ve taken off the covers, you can remove the “fork” and pull out the “faucet” shaft.

Run the machine in brew mode (pump on) and see if any water/steam comes out of the valve. Be careful - hot water and steam can spray in every direction…

If not, maybe there’s some calcification in the valve body, or someplace else in the water circuit.


Boulder U-Fix-It Clinic


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