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Manufactured from 2004 to 2009, the Vino 125 has a 125cc engine.

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no electric to horn, lights, and starter

tried to start scooter after a long winter, but nothing. tried charging the battery, and still nothing. replaced the battery and still nothing. no lights, no horn and no attempt to start even with a new battery,

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sandycav, check the wiring on the battery connectors, make sure they are nice and clean. Your scooter has a main fuse in the power line. Check that one for continuity and make sure that you have power going to the fuse. If all that is okay, use the attached diagram to check for power. You will of course need a multimeter for that.

Block Image

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Thanks! I've visually checked the fuse yesterday and it looked ok. I'll get a multimeter and try to check from the battery out.


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