Blinking white light after on button

All I get after hitting on button is the fan running and a blinking white light


As I bought this at a sale I followed your advice on how to open the unit to look for swollen caps,then i notice no hard drive or memory

were installed...can't afford to buy new so will try e-bay or Craig

and will follow your advice on how to install. Being 71 it won't be easy. Thanks Bill Lewes,DE

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Does the light blink in acertain number pattern?


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These iMacs are known for bad capacitors. These machines even kill quality capacitors, so the best thing to do is to get a new iMac and replace it. These G5's are junk. Even if it's just caps, it's not worth the misery for a known to fail machine.

In regards to screens, you're screwed. These use CCFL TDMS panels, and you CAN NOT interchange these. You have to use Apple's panels, which all fail the same way. Don't bother on the screen.

These also seem to have GPU issues, too. Once again, fails to heat. Do not fix it. Just get your data off and eWaste it.

You are dealing with a room heater that kills capacitors with awful quality screens and also has GPU problems. They're not worth it to fix. Remove your hard drive, and be glad it didn't die in 1-2 years.

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Nick could be right. Good Guide to the caps problem here:


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