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Eighth generation of the Honda Civic.

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How to replace hybrid battery on a budget?

My 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid (no-navi) has about 260k miles. It has the original hybrid battery and it is definitely not holding charge. I like to tinker and was hoping someone out there had some information on how to replace it with an aftermarket or how to rebuild the battery pack. Thanks!

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Thank you for all the info. Yes, the car has two batteries -one for the typical accessories and starter (12V) and the hybrid battery that powers the hybrid motor. FYI: the hybrid battery charges the 12V battery! I have use the links provided above and have found other similar links as well. They all pretty much do the same, take the sticks out, recondition them using an off-the-shelf R/C (remote control) discharge/charger. I will get to it! Fun stuff. Have a good one everyone!


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wilmer, take a look on here http://www.homepower.com/articles/vehicl... Looks pretty involved but could safe you a couple of bucks:-)

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Thank you for informing me but it's already to late to fix it :)


Also, oldturkey03, why isn't my rep going up when my answer is accepted or voted up. It goes down when it's voted down. Look at my activity: https://www.ifixit.com/User/Activity/455...


Apple, it is possible that you have surpassed the maximum of daily points. Right now you show 665 reputation points. I shall check in the morning and see what it does. If there is no change I will contact the ifixit gurus for you


Thank you oldturkey03. It looks like it's getting a bit better but the other answers that got accepted aren't giving me reps yet.


That is correct. Any point you receive above your daily limit will not get counted.


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