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Die Neuauflage des Apple 13" MacBook Air von April 2014 wurde mit Dual-Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren aufgefrischt. Die Akkulaufzeit wurde etwas verbessert.

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How to retrieve data from SSD (MacBook air 13 inch 2014)

Hi, I spilt some water on my macbook air 13" early 2014 and would love to retrieve my data from the SSD. I've seen that people recommended "OWC Envoy Pro". but being a broke uni student, I was browsing through ebay and stumbled across few SSD adapters that were a lot cheaper. I'm not too familiar with electronics & technology so could anyone please recommend me a correct adaptor to transfer my data from old SSD to new mac book (or external hard drive)? or an alternative method would be great as well.

my current macbook is MacBookAir6,2 (13") MD760LL/B early 2014.

Thank you sooo much in advance,

for example, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Adapter-Card-to-...

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Looks like you bought the same machine. Switch out the SSD card, have an external backup hard drive. Move the data onto the external drive. Replace the SSD drive with the new one and plug in the external and move your data.

MacBook Air 13" Early 2014 Solid-State Drive (SSD) austauschen

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Cheers for answering my question, but did mean to switch the SSD cards between my old and new MacBook? My old one is early 2014 and new one is early 2015. Does that matter at all? And Apple technician said there is some (very little) corrosion on the SSD card itself. Would that have any effect on my new MacBook if I insert the old MacBook's SSD into the new MacBook?


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