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Mit einem Saeco Incanto Classic Kaffeevollautomaten kannst du einfach und günstig echt italienischen Espresso zubereiten.

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which seals / o-rings usually cause coffee leaks during brewing?

My Saeco Sirius has been faithfully cleaned, had a few pro servicing sessions & lubrication. It still produces water-filled grounds - not dry pucks, and leaks coffee liquid all over the bottom / table top. I am trying to narrow down what O-rings or seals likely cause this messy leak. Not easy to observe with the machine in operation. Could be large o-ring at Piston. I clean but still get leaks. Will screw adjustments on the BrewGroup part matter on this issue?

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Soggy pucks are usually caused by to coarse a grind.

Some times the coffee grounds fall into the boiler valve recess especially when the pucks are not solid and plug the small hole at the bottom of the recess that allows drainage into drip tray. You will see boiler valve in recess behind the brew group when you remove the brew group. Beige plastic piece with O-rings. Stick your finger into space beneath there should be no grounds sludge etc. Clean out hole with toothpick and water spray bottle until ware flows freely into drip tray.

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Look in the guide, step # 9. There, on the second picture, you see that long, black part on top of the piston. This part can be turned: it mounts the strainer of the top-piston. when you turn it, the screw of the strainer should counterrotate. When the strainerscrew leaves that part, just pull out that black piece; there you will find a black O-ring. That O-ring often leaks after reparation because the strainer-screw is often mounted too tight.

For more information, google "Rändelspannmutter Saeco".

There is a new version and an older one, look carefully.

Good luck !

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I've made a new Photo-story for you, specially about the top piston and its seals (o-rings.) You'll find it in the "Maintenance guides" For Saeco INCANTO SBS.

Enjoy and good luck.

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Where Do I find the maintenance guide?


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