Laptop black screen. Help!


I've seen many people with a similar problem, however none of the suggestions on the internet have worked for me. My laptop is in a permanent black screen status. The led light for the power and battery turns on, but that's about it. Most other people at least hear their fans running, but I do not. A very weird part that I've seen no one else share is that holding the power button to turn off my computer ( or I should say turn off the led light for the power and battery since no other signs of life exist) doesn't work. All that happens is that the 2 led lights (power and battery) just do a quick blink. I have to take out the battery in order to have the laptop completely off. I've tried taking out the battery, holding the power button, then plugging in the AC over and over. I want this black screen to be gone. Lenovo offers no support whatsoever ( not even by phone or email) as my warranty has run out. Last time I ever buy a Lenovo. Someone please help! :(

More additional info I should've initially included:

I had my computer running on its battery on my coffee table (battery was at 50%). I left it idle for about 5 to 10 minutes and then it went black. Naturally I assumed it just went into sleep/ powersaving mode. I tried to turn it back to it's original state and failed. That's the story of how it is now in a permanent black screen status. Come to think of it I would just say the screen is blank. It doesn't turn on period.

Lenovo ideapad Y510p

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