Model A1347 mit 2.4 GHz oder 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU

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Why is my jack not connecting my speakers?

I have speakers that I'd like to use. But, when I connect the jack no sound comes out. The speakers are turned on.

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Check your pref settings. Also make sure you plugged into the headphone outlet and the speakers do in fact work.

Update (09/02/2015)

Go to the Apple menu there you'll find the menu choice System Preferences ... Select it and a window will open.

On the second row at the far right you'll see a speaker icon Sound click on it, that will open the pref settings for sound make sure the Internal speakers are set and the output volume is set to the louder side of the slide and the balance is in the middle.

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what is pref settings and where are they?


I know what pref settings are. Hope it'll help. Also need to check speakers.


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