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Can I replace internal HD with SSD?

I would like to get a solid state disk drive for my MB Air. Is that possible?

I see different messages online, many suggesting that the original PATA Zif version was custom made for Apple and that standard PATA drives will not work.

Is this true and is there any way around it?

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Yes you can!

You can replace your slow harddrive in Macbook air rev1 and rev2 with an ssd.

For Rev1 theres the pata 1.8 zif drive you need.

They cost aprox 300 dollars for an 64 gb ssd.

I bought mine on ebay, the Photofast v2.

Theres also Runcore who is one of the popular drives that works with macbook air

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A little story about PATA and ZIF; while they are two different things, they seem to sometimes be used interchangeably. I found this explanation on WikiAnswers HERE.

Best I've been able to gather, if someone says ZIF when talking about connecting an HDD then they are referring to a PATA connection in the ZIF style, because ZIF isn't a connection type, but rather "merely a concept in connections."

With the PATA connection for the air maybe being custom built for apple, I find dubiousness. If it is custom made to be different from a standard PATA connection then it can't really be called PATA because it wouldn't conform to the standard.

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+ I like this kind of answer


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There are debates over this, there's a similar thread around here about this too I believe, I think the answer in the end was that you have to short two of the pins, and it may not be reliable.

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I did it! It wasn't that bad, but you need to know what you're doing or be able to google!


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Yes. I replaced mine this evening.


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Replaced mine last summer, works great !

Less noise, less heat, and faster !

Followed iFixit directions for disk replacement, 20 minute project !

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