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Die 2013er Neuauflage des Mac Desktops, bekannt als Mac Pro.

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Cleaning the thermal core sink, or fan, from dust?

My Mac Pro runs 24/7 and gathers a lot of dust, looking at how clean my desk is around it's base, compared to the rest of the surrounding desk. How would I perform a proper cleaning of the internal heat sink (core), and the fan? Just want to see if someone has performed this, or has any ideas/suggestions.


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Usually the cleaner your house is the dirtier your Mac is. Vacuuming keeps dust particles stirred up and suspended in the air and your Mac sucks it in and filters it. Monthly use of canned air (outside, so your wife won't beat you), should solve your problem. Smokers need to clean with a q-tip and alcohol.

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Hello aramis,

Here you can fine teardown guide and you can clean Mac pro by your self


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Hi, thanks for your answers. I would rather not open my (AppleCare covered) machine -if I can- to clean the fan, although it's very tempting to do so. iFixers by nature, right? Either way, I will try to use the canned air trick as suggested.

At the same time, I decided to try (ordered) the "COREFILTER - Air Filter Base for Apple Mac Pro" to provide the base of the machine a dust filter. Will provide feedback regarding the fitting, use, dust capture, cleaning, airflow, etc, if desired. It's not a sales pitch or promo, just feedback on an attempt to solve the dust-problem.

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I have been using the COREFILTER under my Mac Pro 2013 and it has been amazing. The amount of dust filtered out, and thus prevented entering, has been staggering. Never knew so much would be sucked into the machine! I cleaned the filter after a 2 month period of use and the dust was a thick layer. In short, I can say that the COREFILTER did its job and I'm very happy I bought it. I would suggest buying one of those to prevent having to open your machine after the initial cleanup (if required) as those machines are not designed to be opened periodically.


After quite some time using that COREFILTER, I can say that it works like magic. It fits the cylinder as the base like a glove and it works very well. The (simple, yet functional) sponge-like filter (0.8"x1') in the ring keeps pretty much all the dust out. My fan at the top doesn't show the expected layer(ed) dust collection. Cleaning is easy: remove the filter from the base and wash it, or vacuum the filter through the ring openings as installed (removal not required). Hands down the best add-on for the 2013 Mac Pro.


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