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Samsung's "Value Edition" Galaxy S III Mini, model number GT-i8200.

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Why is my screen staying black?

Yesterday, when I used my phone, the screen was black. I continued to have the bell for calls, so the phone is still working.

Once in the evening, the screen went well but soon after, black again...

It is not completely black, there is a small part of the screen on the top, where I see the picture (but in grey, not with the real colors).

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From what you have described it sounds like there might be a bad connection. If you feel up to it you can take it apart and try to reconnect it. If you don't feel confident enough bring it to a cell phone repair service. if you need to change the display and it is a verizon phone the part is listed below with a guide.

Hope this helps

Galaxy S III Mini (Verizon) Screen

Samsung Galaxy S III i8190 mini Display + Touch Screen austauschen

Galaxy S III Mini (Verizon) Screen Bild


Galaxy S III Mini (Verizon) Screen


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