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The LG G Watch R is a Smartwatch manufactured by LG that includes many features of a Smartphone and a full-circle P-OLED display.

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How do I replace the straps on my watch?

I don't like the straps that my watch came with so I bought new ones. How do I put them on?

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To replace the straps on your LG G Watch R, you will require a metal prying tool. This guide will show you how to use the tool to push in a lock spring located between the the strap hinge and the watch. You can then insert the hinge in the new straps and attach it back to the watch.

If you have more issues concerning the watch's staps, you might find this troubleshooting guide helpful.

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For lack of a prying tool, I've found that a very tiny flathead screwdriver will get the pins out... Getting them in is a bit trickier, but maybe some needlenose pliers... Just remember, they're spring loaded and will fly off into the corner if you let them go...


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