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General Motors' GMT400 platform.

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A/C Blows hot air

It has been two days sense my tahoe has begun to blow hot air throught the a/c vents in the front but at the same time cool air from the back. How can I fix this and get everything bck to normal

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Since not all the air in the car is being warmed, it sounds like there is a malfunction in both the routing and the heater core. The heater core is a miniature radiator located under your dash behind the glovebox that is used to warm the air for your heater, there is ducting with flaps to direct the air through the heater core when needed, as well as to the different vents. There is also a valve that turns the heater core on and off (under the hood on the heater hose), so it is possible the issue is in the controls (as both the heater core is on, and the air is being routed through it).

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it is low on freon takes 3.5 lbs and every chevy in that system has the same problem the front a/c tube has an orofice and the rear does not it's a design flaw so it takes more pressure in the system to flow the freon. I had a radiator shop put a orofice tube from another a/c system in the line and both front and rear a/c's are throwing ice cubes half to run a/c on medium blower setting. Note retired chevy tech.

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It's the airflow flapper is on heat. When the temp control is on hot the flapper opens the air flow to the heater core. Check temp control and make sure it didn't accidently get put on hot. If thats not it then the vacuum hose may have became unplugged,

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