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Reparaturanleitungen für die Dropcam Pro Überwachungskamera von Nest

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Why is my video feed displaying only black and white?

The video feed from my Dropcam Pro is only displaying black and white video, no matter what time of day it is.

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If the image displayed is always black and white, the night vision might be auto enabled in settings, the LED's might be unclean or not working properly. First, plug your camera into a computer to install Dropcam's software to access its settings. In settings, you will find an option for disabling or enabling night vision. Make sure that this is set to "Auto." If this does not fix your issue, you can follow the guides on the troubleshooting page to fix or clean the LEDs.

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turn off night vision, otherwise you get black & white


In order to get a colored image for your DVR, change the Video Standard mode from PAL to NTSC.


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I have 4 camera only on is in black and white why.

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turn off night vision.


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