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First generation children’s tablet released in 2014. The Kurio Xtreme is an internet safe, Wi-Fi capable device with a motion-sensing front camera.

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Why can’t my Kurio connect to WiFi?

Why can't my Kurio Xtreme connect to WiFi? I am having trouble connecting to the internet through my home network.

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My wifi is working with everything but the kurio I reseted and still nothing


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Make sure that WiFi is turned on through “All Android Settings” and that you are trying to connect to the right network. The problem could also be with your router or modem, so try resetting both of those. Another potential explanation is that your Kurio Xtreme has a software malfunction. Try resetting your Kurio Xtreme by turning it off, pressing the reset button, and turning it back on. Additional help can be found on the troubleshooting page.

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