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Repair and disassembly guides for Kenmore Microwaves.

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How to get access to the keypad board?

The some of the stopped working and I need to get access to the key pad board.

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It was a lot simpler than what I expected. First you have to remove the 2 screws that hold the vent above the microwave door. The vent will fold toward you and then you slide to the left to get it out of the hinges. After the vent is removed, there is one single screw that hold the control panel with the keypad. after the screw is removed, you have to push the control panel from the bottom up a 1/4 inch to get the control panel out of the hinges. after this, the control panel will come out and it would be held by several wiring harnesses that connects to the control panel. in any case, I was not able to clean the keypad since it is seal. I went to the searsRepair site and ordered a replacement for $83.00 including shipping + tax.

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You have more guts than I do! These things will kill you. I know of none of the top techs here that will do more than change a light bulb or replace a fuse on one. I just buy a new one.

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So long as you unplug the unplug the microwave, you will be save working on the control panel. All the high voltage is back by the magnetron, and none is delivered to the control board. Just don't go fooling around with anything behind the control panel.


Bob, How do I access the control board on a Kenmore microwave wall unit. (Combo unit Model #: 79047853400) There is no 1 screw visible after removing the vent cover. Thanks, Joe. maxssey@cox.net


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I am a 17 year old microwave Hood is it worth fixing the keypad board and if it is where do I get one

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