The GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition (model no. CHDHN-302) was released in October 2013. This digital camcorder is capable of recording 1080p HD resolution video and taking 8MP pictures.

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My video is being split into two different files

When I film a clip longer than 10-11 minutes, the go pro will create multiple files instead of continuing to record to the same file. Is this normal/can it be changed?

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When filming longer segments with any GoPro including the GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition, it will disperse these extended videos into chunked up videos. No frames are lost in this process, but you will have to put them together in whatever video editor you are using so that your video will once again be a continuous stream. This is a completely normal thing when filming with a GoPro.

Upon inserting a SD Card into the GoPro, it will use a storage system mainly called FAT32 and for bigger SD Cards FATex. These file systems are good because they are very compatible with all kinds of computers (keyword VERY). This entails that these file storage systems can only process files of a maximum size around 4 GB. Now a days this may not sound like much, but back in the 90's when FAT32 was invented that was more than anyone would ever need. Being so, when filming long segments with any GoPro it will break up your video at different time segments depending on what resolution you are filming in and/or what rate of frames you are shooting per second. The higher quality equals more space. So knowing this just make sure your memory card has enough space for the entire time you want to film and you should be just fine!

Good luck and film on!

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There is more on this GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition issue at it's own Troubleshooting Page: GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition Troubleshooting


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