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Repair and support for the 2015 version of the Google-produced laptop line, the Chromebook Pixel. This newer version improves the processing power, battery life and add new features to the 2013 model.

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Would there be a tear down for the Google Pixel 2015?

I'm a user of the Google's Pixel 2015. I wonder if ifixit could offer a tear down tutorial for this fantastic product. Thanks!

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i think so cause it's cool


yes becuase it very good for me


You mean there would be a tear down soon?


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I ordered a Pixel 2015 LS motherboard took some photos hoping to compare it to the interior of my Pixel 2013 with some side by side pictures, and I upload eda few of the images from the listing.

Google leaves some really interesting notes to amuse themselves, repairfolk and those who can't resist taking things apart.

Block Image

Block Image

You can also see a complete teardown of the 2013 model done by TechRepublic with images here. http://www.techrepublic.com/pictures/cra...

Update (10/12/2017)

I finally got my hands on a complete Pixel LS 2015 (not just the motherboard) and since the touch portion of the screen wasn't working I was going to take it apart to swap screens anyways, so I documented the process. Chromebook Pixel Disassembly

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But how do i replace the screen?


If you need to replace a cracked screen I'd highly recommend getting the whole LCD+casing combo, as replacing just the glass extremely tricky and time consuming. If you do get just the glass, start at the bottom of the screen to take it out, and you might have an easier time if you are able to unscrew the hinges and disconnect the LCD and casing from the base before you try removing glass. The glue they use around the screen is extremely tacky, so you need to go slow and steady and you'll want to use wax paper or something to prevent the screen from sticking back down as you work around the edges.


Where did you get the part though?


Ok, I drew those graphics. One of the earlier prototypes had a stegasaur from one end to the other. The gears were just a quick way to identify this revision. The EE wanted a little more "flair" after that.


There would likely not be a tear down or disassembly of the Google Pixel 2015. The Google Pixel 2015 is an older model and is no longer actively being supported or produced by Google.

Additionally, performing a tear down of a device like the Google Pixel 2015 is complex and requires specialized tools and expertise, so it's not typically done for older or discontinued models.

If you're looking for information on repairing or maintaining the Google Pixel 2015, you may be able to find resources online from repair communities or forums, but keep in mind that the information may be limited given the age of the device.


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I am looking to remove the R/W screw so I can install Windows on my Chromebook. Has anyone attempted this?

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