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Replace connector on motherboard of Fairchild Channel F

I have a Fairchild Channel F that I bought, where I had to replace the onboard speaker. I did this with no problem, but when I went to re-assemble the unit, one of the connectors for the ribbon cable came off of the motherboard. The ribbon cables are housed within the cartridge assembly, and they connect to the motherboard through a 10 pin connector directly, meaning there is no male connector on the ribbon cable. It's a flat 10 pin cable that pushes directly into the connector on the board. What I'd like to do is either a) replace the connector with a new one, or b) make the ribbon cable connection a true male/female connection. Here is an image of the motherboard. The connectors in question, are directly under the box shield on the right (there a 2 connectors side by side).

Block Image

I'm not too familiar with ribbon cables, or soldering onto the motherboard for that matter, but I can get assistance with that. I just need assistance on identifying the type of connector that I need. Thank you.

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I had snapped off the little plastic tab that holds in the keyboard ribbon cable on a laptop, and found an easy way to fix it.

The same problem can occur on may different devices, such as CD players, laptop keyboard connectors, camera ribbon cable connectors, etc.

If you break off this little tab, the ribbon cable is not held in at all, and just falls out of the connector.

On the off chance that you have the same type of problem, check out my YouTube video I had posted last year. Not sure what is wrong with your connector. If it is the same problem, you can easily fix it in a few minutes.

Easy Ribbon Cable Connector Fix, Repair.


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looks like your video is no longer available.


I checked it a few minutes ago, it is there.



The link in the original post seems to have been cut off when it was posted.


After posting this, I can see that it is STILL cut off,

So I'll past the address portion after youtube.com so that it is clear





Thanks for the response, but in this case, the ribbon cable just connects to the 10-pin connector. There is no tab holding it in. The connector itself came off of the motherboard.


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