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Repair information for the Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine.

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water is not coming out….

hello, water is not coming out when i press the botton to make an espresso.

I think it has to do with the fact that the coffee had been coming ver very very slowly because the grind was too fine…. (tight)


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If no water is dispensing even with the portafilter removed then the solenoid valve that feeds the brew head may have clogged. The water passage in it is very small and easily plugged by calcium flakes or other debris; you'll need to take the top off of the machine and remove the valve to clean it. Descaling and/or backflushing usually will not help.

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I had exactly the same problem. It was a really easy fix. Follow the instructions for cleaning the "shower screen" by removing it with a screwdriver as shown in picture 3 at the Gaggia sire at http://www.gaggia-usa.com/machines/semis...

You can get the user manual telling you about this on page 14 at http://www.gaggia-usa.com/support_docs/G...

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I have to clean my solenoid valve monthly. I finally bought a new one and clean clogged valve with CLR so it is ready to change out. You can find YT video from Whole Latte Love website with step by step instructions.


Use citric acid. CLR is a bit overkill. If you have Cafiza, you could use that, also. Works best if the water is very hot. Soak for 3-5 minutes, brush out, go. Cheers, -- j.


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Follow this You Tube link - Unblocking a Solenoid Valve on Gaggia Espresso Machines ...

Works a treat every time.

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