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Russound CA 4 - Multizone Controller will not power on

Russound CA 4 - Multizone Controller will not power on. I tried calling Microcenter and Geek Squad to see if someone could replace the Power Board - they all declined. I tried calling Russound - left 3 messages no return phone calls. Not sure what part is needed or if I can do this myself.

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You would have to contact us directly for repair as this unit does not have user serviceable parts. I would recommend reaching out to by email include your name address phone and the model + Serial number of the unit and they will get you an Return Authorization for repair.

I'm sorry to hear that you attempted to contact us and didn't hear back promptly. We do respond to all voicemail and email but I'm not sure what number you called to leave a message. The past 2 weeks have been very busy but it has settled down and there is always a tech ready on the phones from 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM EST at 1.866.888.7466 or +1.603.659.5170 Email : tech@russound.com

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