Why is a new battery not being seen?

Hi there,

I have a 2008 MacBook Air for a client whose house was struck by lightening a while ago. The machine works fine, and runs great when plugged in. I figured it must have zapped the battery or the DC in board. The battery indicator was showing that it needed to be replaced when I dropped down the battery menu from the top bar. When I put in a new battery (which I have done twice now) it does not show as being recognized by the computer. The old battery was swollen pretty bad, so it definitely needed to be replaced. What's really weird is, the battery indicator menu and the System Profiler don't see the new battery, but they see the old one. Also, the machine will run unplugged for a few minutes or even longer, and then it up and dies. I have already replaced the DC-in board and that had exactly zero effect. Any ideas on what else it could be that needs to be replaced? Am I missing something here??? I don't see a CMOS battery here, but like I said, the machine works just fine otherwise.



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