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Das Sony Xperia Z3 ist ein Android Smartphone, welches 2014 auf den Markt kam und bekannt ist für seine lange Akkulaufzeit und Haltbarkeit.

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How to Jump fuse

I need guide on how i can jump the fuse on Xperia z3. My vibration stopped working. And where can i buy a fuse like this http://imgur.com/MtnShTX(the blue mark) for replacement in case the jump don't work.

Block Image

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Have you tested the fuse to confirm it's blown?


Nah, it was working before after i replace the screen it stopped working. I think the fuse is gone.


How will you know unless you test it ? You think soldering a wire across is easier than using test leads on multimeter ? lol


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@lebane I'd definitely use a multimeter and check for continuity. If the fuse is truly blown, replace it with a proper one. Since your image comes from the service manual, I assume that you have that. Then you know that the fuse is Sony part number 1265-7224 which is a .25A 1X0.5mm fuse. There is a reason it is fused and the last thing you want to do, is cause a bigger short circuit. If you must apply a jumper to test it, just solder a piece of wire across the top of the fuse. You can buy the fuse at places like this as well as on here

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Thanks for your reply. That's the fuse i was looking for. I have a multi-meter but what do i need to give power to the fuse after soldering the wire.


Oh and how much volts do i need to apply on that type of fuse.


You do not have to apply anything to the fuse. The circuit is within the logic board and the fuse sits on solder pads that connect it to the circuit.


Ok thanks. So just soldering the wire on the top of the fuse is enough for the jump.


You have to check for continuity first , you've been asked twice to do that?

If the fuse tests bad then what? Your going to wire the fuse direct by bridging it? That's NOT jumping that's bridging a fuse.

If the fuse is bad you have to find out what caused it , if you don't , think about it, the surge in the circuit now can't escape through the emergency door (the fuse), and where's it going ? To all sorts of places to cause more damage and you will Really need jumpers to rework traces.


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