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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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Replace fuel pump on 07 focus

How do I replace the fuel pump on my 07 Ford Focus? Ive notice lots of people talk of cutting through the interior to reach the pump. Is that necessary? If I get the fuel pump replaced, should I also replace the fuel filters even if they are pretty new?

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In the 2008 Focus we are working on, this one doesnt have the black box under the back seat, we did cut a hole to get the pump out of the tank, so now I want to know do they sell a rebuild kit for these fuel pumps or do I have to buy the entire thing?


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Ive heard of a lot of people who think its easier to cut a hole in the floor around the wiring harness but the proper way to fix it and the safest is to lower the tank to the ground by removing the straps and pulling it out from under the car.You can then remove the pump and actually clean the tank while you have it off. It never hurts to replace the filter as this ones is not in the tank . before replacing the pump do you know for sure it is a pump that's giving you grief there are several relays fuses and fuel module mounted under the rear seat. By removing the rear seat you can access the wiring for the pump to test the pump or module . Testing first saves time and money in the long run . hope this helps

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